Mankind Pharma launch PetStar Dog Food in India

Mankind Pharma Limited, a leading healthcare provider, has diversified its offering in the pet care industry with the launch of Mankind's PetStar Dog Food. The brand aims to build and support the pet care ecosystem by offering pet food, medicine, supplements, and grooming products. PetStar food is made with European raw materials and manufactured in the UK, adhering to the quality and safety standards of BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standards).

This move comes as India has seen growth in pet ownership over the past decade, particularly during the pandemic. PetStar food will be available in a variety of flavours and is manufactured with Indian climatic conditions in mind. The product is also tested in laboratories to ensure its quality.

According to Mr. Rajeev Juneja, Managing Director of Mankind Pharma, "We decided to expand our offering to the pet care segment after observing the rising number of pet owners in India. Normal human food is not recommended for pets and in most cases, is unable to meet their nutritional requirements. We understand that pets have different body needs and have created Mankind's PetStar with this in mind, making it suitable for all breeds."

Mankind's PetStar food aims to cater to the evolving needs of the pet community, providing nutritious and healthy food options for dogs and cats. The brand hopes to enhance the health of pets with its product offerings, including food, medicine, supplements, and grooming ranges.


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