Plant-powered dog food

International plant-based dog food company partners with Dream Pet Foods to introduce vegan kibble.

V-planet, a leading international vegan dog food company, announces that its 100% plant-based, nutritionally complete and non-GMO products are now available in South Korea. Pet parents in the country can now purchase v-planet’s plant-powered kibble through a new partnership with distributor Dream Pet Foods Co., Ltd.

“Many South Koreans are adopting a plant-based lifestyle because they’re concerned about the welfare of animals and the state of the environment,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-planet. “But they haven’t had a lot of options for vegan pet food. We’re confident v-planet and Dream Pet Foods can make a real difference for them by introducing our completely balanced, nutritious and dog-approved food.”

V-planet’s plant-based kind kibble is available in two sizes, with mini bites for small dogs and larger bites for medium and large dogs.

“We are very pleased to partner with v-planet,” said Jeong Yeob, president at Dream Pet Foods. “V-planet’s Korean consumers love the planet and their companions. In South Korea our pet owners value the health and happiness of their companions and are able to visit more than 50 pet fairs held locally every year.”

Dream Pet Foods Co., Ltd., has been a leader in the South Korean pet industry since 1994. Dream Pet Foods also leads the Korean pet food market through careful advanced research and analysis.

V-planet’s parent company, v-dog, is a family-owned international business based in San Francisco, California, that has been creating plant-based dog food for 15 years. V-planet products are made in Canada using vegan protein and nutritious non-GMO ingredients, without corn, soy or wheat. V-planet is now available in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Lebanon, Singapore and Thailand. As the global demand for nutritionally balanced vegan pet food increases, v-planet is positioning itself to meet the need through its international partners.

About v-planet

V-planet, committed to providing 100 percent vegan products for dogs around the world, is the international brand of U.S.-based v-dog. Since 2005, v-dog has seen dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on our nutritionally complete plant-based kibble. We are a vegan owned and operated family business with high quality standards and zero product recalls to date. Based in beautiful San Francisco, our team is made up of animal lovers with fur babies of our own. We work each day to ensure you and your dogs are happy and that our products are providing them with the ultimate source of nutrition and happiness.


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