Tainted Pet Food Prompts Police Warning in Tokyo Suburb

YOKOHAMA -- Dog food tainted with foreign objects was recently discovered at a park south of Tokyo after a dog had a seizure there, leading police to issue warnings to pet owners and locals. A couple in their 40s was walking their large dog at Daiichi Undo Koen park in the city of Zushi when the pet had a sudden seizure. The couple rushed their dog to a vet, where it was diagnosed with possibly having ingested a foreign object.

Zushi Police Station officers searched the area and found sweet potato dog food laced with foreign objects, torn into pieces ranging from 1 to 2 centimeters in length, within a 100-meter radius of the park. The characteristics of the foreign objects were not revealed by the police station. The police are investigating the matter as a possible violation of the animal welfare law.

Sticks of pet food with needles stuck in them have been found in various locations in Kanagawa Prefecture, including Yokohama, Sagamihara, Zama, since June 2022, resulting in numerous instances of dogs being injured after ingesting them.

Pet owners should be aware of the potential dangers of walking their pets in public spaces and exercise caution when providing them with food and treats. It is also important for pet owners to properly dispose of pet waste and ensure their pets are well-behaved in public to prevent harm to both the animals and the community.


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