Franchise Pet Shops as-a-service

In order to facilitate the development of franchised pet store businesses, the company “Pet Store Leader”, a pet shop SaaS service provider, announced on September 9, 2021 the launch of the “chain pet store customized version” system.

Zhu Dongsheng, the founder of the Pet Store Leader, revealed that store brand chaining is an inevitable trend in the development of the pet industry, and the current Chinese pet market is about to set off a wave of chain stores development. On the one hand, a group of franchise brand practitioners have emerged in China; on the other hand, Pet Store Leader team conducted a sample survey of its store users in July 2020, and the survey results showed that up to 47% of store owners have plans to open branches and are starting a franchise program.

The SaaS system is a necessary tool for store brand chaining. Because with the increase of stores, store service process management, membership management, inventory management, cost analysis, marketing operations, customer acquisition, financial management and other links need to be visualized based on the SaaS system; but the development and maintenance of a management system The cost is extremely high, and it is difficult for most single-store brands to bear all development costs and operation and maintenance costs on their own.

It is reported that the “chain management customized version” launched by Pet Store Leader includes five aspects:

Provide a data-based management platform

Save development costs and operating costs

Customized system to create brand ‘s own characteristics

Supply chain business management tools, support self-built supply chains

Provide brand-specific new retail and private domain traffic operation tools


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