Animonda enters China petfood market

Germany’s largest pet wet food brand, Animonda, enters China market with an exclusive partner based in Jiangsu province.

Products cover 35+ countries

Animonda was established in 1991. After more than 30 years of operation, it has become a time-honored pet food brand in Germany. Its parent company, heristo AG, was established in 1931. It is a company with rich experience in meat product processing and has a global business. As a trading company, heristo AG started the pet food business in 1987, and officially established the animonda brand in 1991.

According to the latest data released by heristo AG, the turnover of the animonda brand in 2021 will exceed 1.7 billion yuan (220 million euros). Animonda’s growth rate is 3 times that of German pet specialist retail (including online) (3.2% growth) (data source: Nielsen DE pet specialist retail 2021MAT 52), and its products cover 35 countries and regions around the world.

5 brands

Advocate natural raw materials instead of artificial flavorings
Animonda has five brands: Carny, Vom Feinsten, GranCarno, Integra, CatSnack. The main categories are pet wet food, prescription food and cat treats. According to the public information of animonda, Carny has officially entered the Chinese market, Carny Haiyan series of snack cat jars are now on sale, and there are more than ten animonda sku are in the process of applying for approval from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Produced at Saturn petcare facility

Animonda directly cooperates with the Bremen factory Saturn Petcare, the largest pet wet food factory in Europe. As a member of the heristo AG group, the factory covers an area of ​​26,000 square meters. With a production capacity of 280,000 tons, the plant also complies with IFS/BRC standards and undergoes regular internal and external company inspections.
In order to better allow domestic consumers to obtain animonda products with stable quality control, Saturn Petcare is actively promoting the registration of the Bremen factory in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


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