German-Chinese Cooperation Enhances Pet Food Manufacturing Industry

Saturn Petcare GmbH, the pet care division of Heristo Aktiengesellschaft based in Bad Rothenfelde, Germany, is furthering its internationalization strategy through a research and development initiative in partnership with China. In collaboration with Qingdao Ideal Jingmao Co., Ltd. (Petideal), Saturn Petcare aims to bolster its competitiveness in the dynamic Chinese market and Asia as a whole. This article explores the joint efforts between these two companies and their contributions to the pet food manufacturing industry.

Saturn Petcare and Qingdao Ideal Jingmao Co., Ltd. Partnership: Saturn Petcare, a renowned private label specialist, has established itself as a leader in the pet care industry, employing 1,000 people and achieving annual sales of over two billion consumer units. With plants located in Bremen (Germany), Hattem (Netherlands), and Indiana (United States), Saturn Petcare has a strong global presence. Recognizing the strategic significance of the Chinese pet food market, Christian Schröder, CEO of Heristo's pet care division, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration.

On the other side of the partnership, Qingdao Ideal Jingmao Co., Ltd. (Petideal) is a Chinese company founded in 2005. Petideal has dedicated itself to producing high-quality pet food while providing innovative OEM and private label services. With three modern plants covering a total of 42,000 square meters, Petideal's commitment to excellence is evident. Furthermore, a new plant spanning 108,000 square meters is scheduled to begin operations by the end of 2023, significantly expanding their production capabilities. Petideal's annual output is projected to reach 30,000 tons for wet pet food and 16,000 tons for dried pet food and pet treats in 2023.

Product Offerings and Certifications: Petideal boasts an extensive range of products offered to partners worldwide, encompassing 600 varieties across four categories. Their product lineup includes fresh meat baked pet food, complete and balanced wet pet food, wet cat treats and toppers, and dried dog snacks. The company's dedication to quality is reflected in its numerous certifications, including approval and audits by BSCI, MSC, ASC, ISO22000, BRC, IFS, and DLG. Additionally, Petideal is registered with the FDA and EU for pet food exporting, further attesting to its adherence to international standards.

Pet Ideal, as the founding member of the Shandong Pet Industry Association (SPIA), actively promotes responsible pet care and advances the pet products industry in China. With a focus on innovation and expertise, Petideal collaborates closely with partners, aligning product development with market intelligence and industry experience. The company's dedication to excellence is evident in its continuous pursuit of improvement and commitment to the success of its partners. Through collaboration, Petideal and Saturn Petcare aim to create a better life for our beloved pets.

The cooperation between Saturn Petcare and Qingdao Ideal Jingmao Co., Ltd. represents a significant step forward in the pet food manufacturing industry. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both companies, they aim to enhance product development, quality assurance, and competitiveness in the thriving Chinese market. This German-Chinese partnership not only benefits the companies involved but also contributes to the advancement of responsible pet care and industry standards. Together, Saturn Petcare and Petideal are poised to shape the future of the pet food manufacturing industry through their dedication to excellence and shared vision of providing high-quality products for our furry companions.

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