US poultry producers regain market access

China is reopening its import market to US poultry and poultry products following a hiatus in such importation lasting several years.

Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative, in a release, welcomed the policy amendment, which was announced by the Chinese authorities on Thursday [November 14].

“China is an important export market for America’s poultry farmers, and we estimate they will now be able to export more than $1bn worth of poultry and poultry products each year to China”, he said. “Reopening China to US poultry will create new export opportunities for our poultry farmers and support thousands of workers employed by the US poultry industry.”

China banned poultry products from the US in January 2015 following the outbreak of avian influenza in the US, the US Department of Agriculture reported. The US has been considered free of the disease since August 2017.

“US poultry producers and exporters welcome the reopening of China’s market to their products”, said Sonny Perdue, US secretary of agriculture. “We will continue our work to expand market access in important markets like China as well as other countries, to support our producers and US jobs. “

The reopening of the market also drew applause from US trade groups from the National Chicken Council to the National Turkey Federation and USA Poultry and Egg Export Council.

Ending the ban on poultry products has been a priority for the US poultry industry for several years, the groups said.

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