Pet Lovers Centre Automated Warehouse

[Singapore] Pet Lovers automatize warehouse

Consoveyo, part of Körber Logistics Systems, will install an intralogistics system for pet supplies retailer Pet Lovers Centre Pte. Ltd to double its pallet storage density and to significantly reduce its reliance on manual labour.

The customised system will ensure a higher accuracy of fulfilment, greatly shorten the time taken to store a pallet onto a rack and the time taken to retrieve products out from the warehouse. In addition, Pet Lovers Centre will be able to redeploy their existing manpower to carry out other operational tasks more efficiently.

“This project is our first with Pet Lovers Centre,” Poul Lorentzen, General Manager of Consoveyo Singapore commented. “It’s also our maiden foray into this particular industry and it marks our inaugural installation of the multi deep Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) in the region. This unique application gives Consoveyo a good opportunity to showcase the range of the automated intralogistics solutions that it offers.”

Headquartered in Singapore, Pet Lovers Centre is collectively the largest and only pet care retail chain in Southeast Asia. Upon reviewing its current operations and in order to increase manpower efficiency and warehouse storage space, Pet Lovers Centre decided to adopt automation technology as a positive way forward. The customised system will drive efficiencies, achieve greater productivity, and deliver real-time visibility to Pet Lovers Centre across its warehousing operations. Doing so will allow the company to enhance their accurate and on-time deliveries to its various outlets as well as to customers’ homes.

Thiah Eng Yew, Senior Logistics Manager of Pet Lovers Centre, shared, “Currently, our warehouse operators are using rider reach trucks to store pallets in the warehouse, and this process is very time consuming. Furthermore, our products are prone to damage due to manual handling. Consoveyo’s proven and robust solutions are the right fit that will help shorten the time taken to store a pallet onto the rack in the warehouse, and also reduce the number of operators we will require. The installed system’s unassuming efficiency will be unparalleled in this part of the world, not only for the pet industry but across other key sectors as well.”

To facilitate multi deep storage solutions, Consoveyo will install a pallet conveying system, high bay racking, and a multi deep ASRS. The multi deep storage system will be supported by two stacker cranes equipped with on-board satellite vehicles, as well as Consoveyo’s warehouse management software (WMS). The software will provide a seamless interface with Pet Lovers Centre’s Host System to manage the receiving of incoming goods and outbound orders. Information is collected and compiled into a centralised database such that Pet Lovers Centre can utilise to track inventory movement.

Lorentzen concluded, “We saw from the start that this was a great opportunity to bring time- and cost-savings through our solution to Pet Lovers Centre in the long run. As we remain committed to our customers and expand our business here in Asia, we look forward to building more positive relationships with companies across various industries.”

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