E-commerce in China

China Pet market set to reach $25 billion

Chinese pet market continues to experience dramatic growth. Virtually inexistant in the early 2000’s, the country’s pet related expenditures has started to take off just after 2010 and now weights 30% of the US market (the largest worldwide) : it is expected to reach almost $25 billion by the end of 2018, 20 times larger than in 2008.

China and United States Pet Industry Spending Figures since 2006

USA ($ billion) China ($billion)
2006 38,5 0,72
2007 41,2 0,86
2008 43,2 1,15
2009 45,53 1,58
2010 48,35 2,02
2011 50,96 3,18
2012 53,33 4,85
2013 55,72 7,34
2014 58,04 10,35
2015 60,28 14,08
2016 66,75 17,57
2017 69,51 19,31
2018 72,13 24,60
China pet market value (2016-2018)
* US market figures published by the American Pet Products Association. China data collected and published by Goumin and Pet Fair Asia.


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