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World Dog Show 2019 Shanghai

World Dog Show Shanghai 2019

After much controversy since its announcement at FCI World Dog Show Milan in 2015, the 2019 edition of the event will take place in Shanghai on April 30th to June 3rd. It’s a first time for China, where the pet industry is developing at rapid pace and pet ownership changing before our eyes.

Pet Funeral Services

Pet funeral services picking up

HEFEI, April 16 (Xinhua) — On a table in the mourning room, Yang Siwei carefully wiped the blood off the body of Dumbo, a 9-year-old

Wechat Pay

Surge in mobile payments

Low credit card usage and increasing popularity of eCommerce in China have accelerated the growth of mobile payments in the country. With a growing middle

Pet food from Royal Canin

Royal Canin bets on Asian pet markets

Royal Canin has announced a plan to double its sales volume by 2025, with special efforts in Asian markets and online sales channels across the world.

E-commerce in China

China Pet market set to reach $25 billion

Chinese pet market continues to experience dramatic growth. Virtually inexistant in the early 2000’s, the country’s pet related expenditures has started to take off just

Playing online with cats in China

Chinese youth is raising cats online

Raising virtual cats has become a trend among young Chinese people, especially single men and women living by themselves in major Chinese cities. The phenomenon,

China’s pet care market continues to expand rapidly. Since 2012, the growth in terms of volume, network size and products available in the country has been accelerating year after year.

But professionals from all over the world who have works with China know that entering this large and promising market is an adventure fraught with pitfalls.

If you want to be successful in chinese pet market, it is recommended to develop a good understanding of its characteristic and keep control over your brand image, no matter if you plan to rely on a general agent or work with multiples partners.

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