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South Korea Pet Food Market

New pet food regulations in South Korea

South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced last week plans to expand its pet food safety monitoring procedures to address the growing

Iran Pet Market

[Iran] High Hopes for market reopening

Iran, one of the biggest and most promising pet food markets in the Middle East, is experiencing an acute shortage of high-quality pet food products, as the import of foreign brands continues to be banned. Opportunities may just be right around the corner.

Dogs are pets - Not livestock

China updates dogs classification to companion animals

In a newly published list of animals categorized as livestock in China, the country’s agriculture ministry made a surprising announcement tucked away at the bottom of the policy document: dogs are no longer to be treated as mere livestock, but as loyal companions.

Pet Food Labeling Regulations

Labeling Law postponed

The Ministry of Agriculture announced in May 2018 that the labels attached to domestic and imported pet food products produced after September 1, 2019 shall

GACC meets with Ireland Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

GACC Meets Spain and Ireland

On May 15, Vice Minister Zhang Jiwen met in GACC with Mr. Fernando Miranda Sotillos, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain and Mr. Michael Creed, Ireland’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

China’s pet care market continues to expand rapidly. Since 2012, the growth in terms of volume, network size and products available in the country has been accelerating year after year.

But professionals from all over the world who have works with China know that entering this large and promising market is an adventure fraught with pitfalls.

If you want to be successful in chinese pet market, it is recommended to develop a good understanding of its characteristic and keep control over your brand image, no matter if you plan to rely on a general agent or work with multiples partners.

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